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My Partner wants to be my support. Why would i need a doula?

We love supporting not only birthing mothers, but their partners too. Labor and birth is our career choice. We've seen it all (well, a lot, anyway) and can keep our calm - and help keep you and your partner calm no matter how intense things may become. If your partner wants to be the primary physical support person, then think of us as a coach they get to take out onto the field during playoffs. We have tips, suggestions, and the confidence to see you through. And if your partner needs a break, we're ready to step in so you're never without support.


I'm planning a cesarean. How would a doula help?

One of our prior clients said that we were "like a choreographer" before, during, and after their cesarean. We have so many tips to help turn a surgical procedure into a birthday event. We can make sure that your wishes are heard, and you don't feel ignored on this special day.
We can take pictures of your baby's first moments to help you remember, and help you get access to your baby as soon as possible. If your baby goes to recovery or the NICU while you're still in the OR, having a doula present frees your partner to go with your baby, confidently knowing your doula is supporting you.