Our Commitment

Professional birth doulas provide physical, educational, and emotional support.

Your doula is trained in physical comfort measures for unmedicated and medicated labors. She is also skilled in coaching partners, friends, and family members who wish to physically support you.

Your doula has a wealth of knowledge about normal physiological birth as well as birthing with interventions. She is prepared to ensure you are fully informed of risks and benefits to any action you are considering.

The emotional aspect of professional doula support is often described by clients as one of the most beneficial, and most surprising, aspects of doula support. Your doula's only stake in your birth is to help make it the best birth possible for you. That support is unwavering, regardless of what decisions you do or do not make. Your DOULAS NOW birth doula wants you to be satisfied with your birth experience. Her support is all about your wishes and desires for your birth.

Your doula's support also extends to whomever else you invite to support you. While your doula's primary focus will be on the birthing client, she never wants to replace anyone from your personal life. She's prepared to step in, or quietly sit back, as needed throughout your labor and birth to ensure you're feeling fully supported as you welcome your baby (or babies)!


Explaining Scope of Practice

Doulas function in a special space between medical professionals and clients. Doulas have a depth of understanding of research and practice implications of medical practices in birth, but are not medical providers.

Doulas do not offer medical advice. Your doula can relay research outcomes and anecdotal reactions to similar situations that you may use when making a decision, but these must not be construed as medical advice.

Doulas do not provide medical care, including cervical exams, blood pressure readings and heart rate checks. Your doula understands the medical care you may be offered, and can help you understand implications of the care.

Doulas do not make your decisions for you. This birth belongs to you. Your body and your baby are yours. You doula will carefully listen to your wishes and concerns, and may make a suggestion based on her understanding of what you have shared. Whether or not to accept the doula's suggestion is always entirely up to you. Your doula will provide the same high level of support regardless of what decisions you make.

Doulas cannot instruct medical staff on your behalf. You, and a legally designated medical power of attorney, are the only ones able to provide or refuse consent on your behalf. Your doula will help to facilitate conversation with your medical providers and help empower you to speak for your desires.